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My Offerings

My journey of healing from trauma

has led to many beautiful & difficult realizations about humans and the world we live in.

Over the years, I've learned how

to distill those realizations down into

tailored offerings & processes

that will most help the healing of both traumatized individuals, and our struggling society.

Now, I offer Trauma Healing, Communication, and Trauma Education services.

Keep scrolling to learn more!

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Trauma Heal (Off)

Trauma Doula

Services & Sessions

There's a common idea in healing that the only real option for trauma healing is in a clinical setting with a therapist. While aligned, consistent therapy is a vital part of the healing process, there are supplemental options available as well.

Having the solid presence and guidance of someone who has been where you are is not only reassuring but it offers another opportunity for the traumatized person to further heal the attachment wound innate to trauma.

When paired with a properly trained therapist, extra support workers like trauma doulas, spiritual workers, and peer supporters can boost healing, resulting in less pain, quicker healing times, and a more robust skill set.

My "Trauma Doula" services are offered as video or in-person sessions, typically 60-90 minutes long. I ask potential clients to fill out a questionnaire to help me better assess their needs, and then we schedule a call to assess a good mutual fit. If all looks good, we book a set of sessions (I typically recommend a minimum of 4-6 sessions to start). I offer sliding scale pricing and look forward to fund-raising to be able to offer scholarships as well.

To be clear, I don't work with anyone who is not either in therapy or has seen solid success in therapy in the past. I am not a therapist and therefor cannot offer mental or physical health case management.

You can read more about the concept of a Trauma Doula, and my own practice, here.

Healing in Community

Magic of Healing Online Community

Being that the original trauma wound is created by social disconnection, it makes sense that re-establishing healthy connection with others is vital to healing.

Many find this connection in religious groups, political affiliations, and even alternative social groups like intentional communities. However, unless these groups make it a point to become trauma-informed, these spaces can also be troublesome for traumatized people.

While finding safe, informed spaces can be difficult, it's not impossible. Therapists usually have local resources for things like support groups.

Being in physical space with community is important, but it's not the only way to get support. 

The "Magic of Healing" Community is an online trauma healing group I started during the pandemic of 2020. We are a small group of trauma healing people who meet via video twice weekly for facilitated talks about trauma and how it affects our lives. If you are interested in joining, take a look at our admission guidelines and apply here.

Plurality Peer

Peer-Support Services

Schedule a Call

One of the more extreme responses our brain can have to early childhood trauma is the formation of plurality. This formation of plurality is a protective response from the brain to protect victims of extreme child abuse. The brain essentially allows several personality states to develop simultaneously, all living in the same body.

The plural community is one of the most villainized and isolated communities on earth, with much of the world's population denying the mere existence of plurality.

This creates a situation wherein thousands of hurt people can't access social connection at all. To out oneself as plural comes with huge risks. And even if one takes that risk, there's so much about plurality that's hard to explain. So these people live in silence and isolation, alone.

While my experience of plurality isn't on the more severe end, I identify as plural. I also have a rich plural community, and work with plural clients. This has given me a fluency in plural terms and understanding of plural dynamics. 

My "Plurality Peer" service is a phone-a-friend option for those who are experiencing plurality. A session with me will feel very similar to calling a friend to talk about life. People who use this service might:

- be experiencing system difficulties and need someone who understands 

- need some experience socializing, without the risks attached to outing oneself

- need someone to check in with occasionally

I do not provide any facilitation or professional services with this offering - this is purely social support, rather than a direct healing service.



Comm (Off)

The pain of interpersonal conflict is what most often brings clients in for Non-Violent Communication coaching. When we understand the role of social connection in the wiring of our primate brains, we can see how painful it would be to be in conflict with others.​

NVC is powerful because it can give us a common language - one rooted in compassion and honesty. However, that common language necessitates Others to be capable and willing. Sometimes this can happen, and that's fantastic! (It is, in fact, what I use with my mediation clients, with great success.)

What I find even more useful about learning NVC is that it is a magnificent personal practice in understanding violence. Not just physical violence but all the more nuanced kinds of violence that we level on each other each day, without realizing. I can attest that the pulling NVC in as a personal practice for myself significantly boosted my ability to introspect and to sort my inner spaces out.

So, in my "Personal NVC" coaching, I teach my clients the basics of NVC, as well as guidance in delving much deeper into the concepts and uses. We look at NVC from a meta-level, exploring it conceptually, as well as using tools like role-playing and journaling to strengthen overall fluency. 

If you're interested in learning a more effective communication tool or explore violence through another lens, just click the button to connect with me.

Personal NVC


The world is a different place in the 2020s... and the workplace is definitely a place we can see this. Businesses were hit hard by the pandemic, and employees are beginning to shift their work values as well. When you throw new technological factors in there, such as AI, the changes are coming quicker and quicker.

I think it's clear to see that the future is going to look very different than it ever has. If businesses want to stay afloat as the sands shift, they will need to change the way they approach workplace culture. Seeing people as assets worth investing in seems an inevitable step for those businesses wanting to stay profitable.

The first place to start when creating any group culture is to have a clear way to effectively communicate. Bringing an NVC consultant in can be a great way to start this important process (as well as being a possible tax write-off).


As an NVC consultant, I:

- audit the current culture and provide feedback

- run in-person and online group sessions for the team(s)

- provide one-on-one support for team members

- provide mediation services, should they be necessary

- offer continuing education, according to need 


To discuss bringing me on as a consultant to your business or organization, use the button to connect with me.

Professional NVC


While some interpersonal conflicts can be solved quite quickly, that is not always the case. The miscommunication can even result in longterm damage to the relationship. And the development of other difficulties - such as dysregulated or desperate behaviors - can make the situation even worse. 

Most folks either keep attempting to repair these fissures themselves, or turn from the relationship due to the continued pain. 


However, when the risk of losing the relationship would be too harmful, it can be helpful to call in a 3rd party to assist in reconnecting and beginning to heal.

My mediation services are based in Non-Violent Communication. The process typically looks something like this:

- I speak to each party separately for better understanding

- I work with each party to assess goals and current climate

- I negotiate agreements for a mediated discussion

- I meet with both parties, assisting with structure and accountability to agreements

- Follow up, according to need

This process is effective in most cases, depending on willingness and compassion held by both parties. Click the Connect with Me button if you're interested in discussing this offering.

3rd-Party Mediation




Trauma Ed (Off)

Public Speaking


We see trauma, in our culture, as an individual affliction - a harmful event affecting a person in an adverse way. What we don't often see is how inherent trauma is to literally everything about our current society.

However, as classism is squeezing our societies near collapse, we are able to more clearly see the violence and trauma fundamental to the systems of oppressions that govern us. While this is a good thing, it can leave a lot of us feeling helpless and frustrated.

The one thing each and every person can do in this current climate is to educate ourselves. We can trace nearly every human ailment back to unresolved trauma and an overall misunderstanding about violence, trauma and consent dynamics. Making ourselves more aware of how things work has a ripple-effect, creating resilience for our communities.

While much of this education is a deep, ongoing process, many of the basics can be packaged up in a fairly tidy and easy-to-understand format.


For this reason, I've curated a short list of public presentations I offer:

- Trauma Wounding: How trauma occurs & gets stuck in the body

- Living Traumatized: What life is like for a traumatized person

- What is Consent?: Defining and exploring the basics of consent

- NV-What?: Non-Violent Communication & how it's used

- Explorations in Violence: A deeper dive into the dynamics of violence, through a trauma-informed lens

To explore booking a speaking engagement with me, please connect with me by sending an inquiry. Response times are 2-7 days. All inquiries are responded to, independent of availability. (Sliding-scale pricing available for non-profits.)


Online Education of Trauma Dynamics

Available Courses

Creating courses and other educational materials is a huge passion of mine. I love using my pattern-seeking brain to re-think the ways we learn to better teach about the nuances of trauma, communication, and consent.

I do my best to cater to as many learning-styles as possible and use lots of different approaches. Most of my courses support asynchronistic learning, which means you can go at your own pace. I do, however, include some one-on-one assistance from me as well as access to other students doing similar coursework.


The following are a list of courses I offer:

- NVC 101: The Basics of Non-Violent Communication

- NVC 201: Pulling Apart the Violence

- Consent 101: The Basics of Consent

- Non-Monogamy 101: The Theory of Non-Monogamy

My courses are all getting a major re-work! If you'd like to know when they become available again, I'll let you know

Online Content

Available to All!

Trauma healing is something that we are tasked with, as a species.

Everyone is affected by it, many of us in ways we don't have words or knowledge to explain. And living as a traumatized person can be absolute hell on earth. For this reason, I believe everyone should have access to the information on trauma, healing, and the nuances of living in a traumatizing world.

I offer short videos on TikTok on all of these subjects, completely free of charge. I also provide deep-dives into a wide variety of trauma and healing-related subjects on My Thoughts blog here on the site.

If you love the work I do and would like to see it continue, you might consider donating. Donations brought in are used to support the development of my work and to provide services to those who can't afford it otherwise.


Self-exploration and emotional learning can't start too early. For this reason, I continually create educational materials for youth on emotional intelligence over on Teacher Pay Teachers. These are available for use in the home or in school settings.

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