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Check to see that you qualify under our guidelines 

and preview our Community Agreements!

Before starting the process, it's a great idea to peruse our

Member Acceptance Guidelines to assure a smooth application process. Additionally, all members must agree to our Community Agreements

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Meet our moderators and fill out the

Magic of Healing Application.

Upon clicking below, you'll be sent to the Discord server

where you can fill out an application. Your application

will be reviewed by our moderators.


Once it's approved, you will be asked to choose and pay for your membership.



Pay your membership dues and you're all set.

Once you receive your acceptance message, you will gain access to the entire Discord server, according to the membership option you chose.





MOH - Step 1
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  • 18+ years old

  • a trauma survivor

  • pay monthly dues

  • been treated for any mental health conditions and diagnosis

Acceptance Guidelines

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Community Agreements

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Arriving to the Community

When first arriving to this group, reread all of the Community Agreements.

This is absolutely necessary information to continued participation in the community.

For transparency and accountability, ALL members of the community are required to sign their username to this thread in order to maintain membership. Each time a member comes into the "Magic of Healing" Community space, we ask that they do their best to enter with their most empathetic and authentic selves. When we do this, we create a community of real intimacy and trust.

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Personal Accountability

One of the main principles of this community is that each of our Heart Warriors agrees to be Personally Accountable to, and for, themselves.

This means:

-Each Warrior is currently (or has in the past) undergone intensive therapy for our history of trauma. We don't rely on the community to heal us, we appreciate it as a space to share, learn, and grow.

-We don't shift blame to others for our actions of words

-We don't love-bomb or trauma-dump (shares of trauma okay, in consensual spaces).


-We read all the pertinent starting information and show accountability by signing our username to the thread.

-We apologize, when appropriate. We don't when it's not.

-We take full responsibility to speak our needs.

-We are committed to acting in curiosity with each other, rather than judgment.

-We keep 'safety' in the forefront of our minds when connecting with other Warriors.

A big part of being Personally Accountable is being capable of adhering to our guidelines. If a pattern arises wherein a member has exhibited the inability to be accountable for themselves, a moderator will reach out to check in. The mod will listen, offer feedback, and request changes. If that doesn't correct the issue, the member may be asked to leave the group.

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The very first step in Trauma Recover is having a sense of safety. As a tribe of Heart Warriors, we take radical responsibility for co-creating safety. This means that any information that is shared here is to stay here, in our circle.

As part of this community's dedication to accountability for safety, any person who is found to be breaking this agreement will be asked to leave the group.

Informed and Enthusiastic Consent

We, as Heart Warriors, are dedicated to the practice of:

Informed Consent

Being 'informed' means that we are fully aware of every known aspect of what's being offered.

Enthusiastic Consent

Being 'enthusiastic' means that your agreement to participate is a "Hell Yes". (It is not a "eh, maybe" OR "I guess..." OR "No. Well, if you need me to...") It is a Hell Yes or it's a No.


Sharing about our experiences is one of the MAIN pieces to healing within a community.

For this reason, this community holds sharing a sacred practice, and makes the following agreements:

-We agree to enter into any sharing space with the reverence of the sacredness of the Sharer and their story. If we are not able to offer this, we agree to not enter sharing spaces.

-We agree to hold someone's story as their Truth. Another's story does not need to have any bearing on our own experience.

-We agree to hold other's Truth with non-judgment. We don't shame, blame, or belittle another's story or Truth.

-We agree to refrain from giving advice in a sharing space, unless specifically asked for it.

-We agree to share responsibly (see 'Sharing Responsibly').

In order to maintain safety for all Heart Warriors, this community is dedicated to sharing responsibly. When we share, we are sure it's a fully consensual sharing space. If we are ever unsure, we always ask the listeners if it's okay to share a story or experience. (We agree to hearing 'no'.)

When we share, we are sure to be in our aliveness. As we tell the story, there is something inside us that 'feels' some way about every word we're saying. If that aliveness is not present, the Sharer is encouraged to re-center to find it before coming back to tell their Truth.


The flip-side of sharing is listening. As a community, we are dedicated to the practice of Empathetic Listening.

When someone is sharing, the listeners agree to listen with open hearts and non-judgment.

Listeners refrain from giving advice, unless specifically requested to do so. Listeners refrain from asking probing questions unless being asked to do so. Listeners take their responsibility of confidentiality seriously.

Engaging with Other Warriors

This community of Heart Warriors is filled with some of the coolest, most skilled, and brave human beings on Earth! 

As the community grows, it becomes more and more fulfilling to engage with each other. With that in mind, we agree to the following: 

-We agree to treat each other with compassion and respect. This is true even when we are triggered. 

-We agree to hold each other as Sacred Beings, fully capable of healing, growth, and fulfillment. 

-We agree to use Non-Violent Language as often as possible when speaking to each other. 

-We agree to practice informed and enthusiastic consent with each other at all times. When consent lines are breached, we agree to discuss the breach. (Moderators can be called on for facilitation of these conversations.) 

-We agree to refrain from 'caretaking' anyone else. We offer our support, and also allow space for others to be in their autonomy. 

-We agree to hold this as a fully accepting community. We offer acceptance independent of sex, gender, plurality, marital status, race, color, nationality, ability, religious beliefs, or age. (Anything remotely appearing to be hate speech will be grounds for being asked to leave the group.) 

-We agree to co-create safety for all our members by leaving romantic relationships at the door. This is not a space to hit-on or approach someone for dating.

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We understand that oftentimes trauma healing is a spiritual experience. We also know that, for many, there may be trauma around spirituality and religion itself.

As a sign of respect to all our members, we agree to the following agreements about how we hold spirituality here:

-We agree to speak our needs around spirituality. If we aren't open to receiving wishes, energy, or prayers from another, we compassionately state that.

-We agree to fully respect each other's practices (or absence of practice). We will not question or belittle another person's faith.

-We agree to NOT (under any circumstances) preach our beliefs or attempt to convert other members of the group. This is a sign of our respect of their spiritual autonomy. (If a member ever feels that this guideline is getting bent or broken, please report it to a moderator.)

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Trigger Warnings

Each Warrior here has survived life-altering trauma. We all know what it's like to feel triggered, so we are committed to providing as much safety around triggers as possible.

As a commitment to this value, we agree to:

-Give a Trigger Warning (TW) when we are about to share something about trauma or our response to it. (Any channel with a NSFW filter has an implicit TW attached. The community agrees to still label every post, even those within the NSFW threads, they deem as triggering with a TW.)

-As we learn about other's trauma, we agree to adjust our TWs to become more and more inclusive of all Heart Warrior's and their kinds of lived trauma.

-We agree to responsibly communicate with someone if their share felt triggering of our trauma.

-When someone responsibly tells us that something we have shared was triggering, we agree to edit the post to add a TW.

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Conflict Resolution

Each of our worlds is uniquely affected by the trauma we all survived. Knowing that, we understand that there will be misunderstandings and conflict. We, as a community, are dedicated to holding this Truth with full Responsibility and Compassion.

Guiding Principles

-We are all inherently deserving of respect.

-Connection and Understanding are the goal of our conversations here.

-We come from a place of empathy, as we understand that we all walk a similar path.

-We hold Self-Respect in one hand and Personal Accountability in the other.

-We use Non-Violent Language with each other. We abstain from conversation when we are unable to do this.

-We do not speak from a place of reactivity or rage.

-We are dedicated to speaking our honest, balanced Truth.

MOH - Step 2
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