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Working the Magic                       of

Our Own Authenticity

Authentic Reconnection

Reconnection with Self

For trauma to take hold, it must first sever our tie to our Self. Much of the distress of living with trauma wounding comes from the painful disconnection from Self. 

Turning to face our pain - lovingly cleaning out those wounds - is the grueling and terrifying work of reconnection and healing. As scary as this healing journey can feel, it is also the path to reconnecting and reclaiming our true Self.

Along the way, we learn that it is the magic of our own authenticity that will ultimately set us free.

Reconnection with Others

Trauma researchers have learned that human nervous systems are encoded with instinct to look to our social groups for assessing and responding to danger. 

When we communicate concern about a threat and those concerns are not met by our social group, our nervous systems draw on more primal responses to that danger. If this happens repetitively, the wiring of the brain & nervous system become altered.

Our combined experience of being 'abandoned' to the danger & the ensuing nightmare of stuck trauma cause us to develop unstable and toxic relationships with those around us. 

Best Friends Chatting


Trauma Healing


Trauma Education

Trauma Healing

Trauma Doula

Facing the wilds of trauma healing is a daunting task, but it's especially overwhelming to stand alone, looking down that bumpy road.

I get it - because I was once there myself. 

Through my own journey of holistic and

research-based healing, I've built a process and understanding that allows me to walk beside the Heart Warrior. From this place, I offer reassurance and knowledge to help the Warrior navigate their path with authenticity.

Healing Community

While there is undeniable healing magic in one's own authenticity, when a group of Heart Warriors comes together, the effect is multiplied many times over.

I started "The Magic of Healing" Community during the pandemic of 2020, to help connect those healing from trauma. I facilitate 2-3 hours a week of group video sessions where we process our traumas and help each other to heal.

"I've healed more here with you all in the last year than in 5 years of therapy." - Member

Plurality Peer

One of the many possible outcomes for those who have survived horrific traumas early in childhood can be the development of a plural state of consciousness. 

This state of being can be extremely lonely and isolating, as it is deeply misunderstood and villainized. Sometimes it can be really helpful to simply talk to someone who gets it.

(Please note: This is a peer service only - not a professional one.)


Personal NVC Training

Business NVC Training

Communication is the main key to connection, making it a vital skill to master in trauma healing.

Being that the formation of stuck trauma is dependent on a lack of good communication with our social group, it is also a place where most Heart Warriors struggle.

NonViolent Communication, or NVC,

(developed by Marshall Rosenberg) can be a wildly successful tool and language for healthy communication. And, just as with any tool, skill must be built for success.

Just as our human nervous systems can become dysregulated, so can the body of a community or company. 

I work closely with businesses and organizations to train their groups in the language of NVC. This creates a culture around communication, leading to greater cohesion and community health.


There are few pains equal to that of being misunderstood or having conflict with someone we care about or rely on. 

It goes back to that place in our primate brain that is wired to create safety within the structure of social groups. When our social connections are threatened or confusing, we have a survival response.

Using NVC and other heart-based methods, I facilitate friends, partners, co-workers, and families through conflict by providing fertile ground to grow back toward one-another.

Trauma Education

Speaking Services

There are so many aspects of our modern lives and society that are a direct reflection of the dynamics of trauma. It can be an incredibly powerful experience to receive educated trauma information from someone who has dedicated their life to understanding and overcoming it.

I provide talks to organizations on the following topics:

  • The Basics of Trauma

  • "Parts Work" Within Trauma Healing

  • How to Support Traumatized People

  • The Trauma of Systems of Oppression

More topics are always in development.


I am one of the rare ones that really enjoyed school work growing up. As an adult, hand me a good-quality course and I will quickly disappear into hyper-focus mode.

If mental learning on your own is more your pace, I have a growing list of online courses I offer:

  • The Basics of NVC

  • "Pulling Apart the Violence with NVC" 

With more courses in the works.

Online Content

I believe that healing belongs to everyone, independent of one's ability to pay for specialized guidance. 

For this reason, I put out a healthy quantity of informative videos and articles as free resources for anyone to use and learn from. Feel free to check out my videos, articles, and live video presentations on social media.

Trauma Healing
Trauma Ed

"Not believing myself is where things went wrong...

I have to believe myself. Always."

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