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Unanswered Prayers - A Poem

I heard a country song once That went something like 'Be thankful for unanswered prayers'

And never has that been more present for me Than, now, driving down Hwy 58 Watching the lakes of purple Camas flowers The blue sky stretched all around

Never have I been more grateful For unanswered prayers

Especially for the prayer When every word was death The prayer to rip myself from this world From the pain From the deep destruction inside my own soul To be set free To leave behind every torture and every pain

I thank all the Gods For wrapping me up in their love For hearing my prayer and crying over my soul Gently neglecting to fulfill my request

Because they had the wisdom of lakes of Camas flowers They had the knowledge of Circles of Tribes surrounding me and lifting me up out of despair

They saw my healing They saw my contribution

Never have I been more grateful for unanswered prayers Than I am now, For the unanswered prayer of my own death.

I don't ask for things like that anymore

When I pray, I reach my hands to the sky and I say THANK YOU Thank you for the beauty and the life and the joy But thank you, too, For the challenges and the pain Thank you for this opportunity to be human For this opportunity to connect With *all* that is alive and all that has energy

I don't seek for Gods and Goddesses To answer my requests

I know that my soul is my own God And that I can answer my own prayers

I am powerful! I am beautiful!

I will continue to plumb my own depths Write the pages of my Bible on my own soul And share it with the world Hoping, praying, Praying to myself and my Higher God, That those being around me will do the same

To write on their own pages On their own souls

So that we can raise our voices Like a choir in our own church So that we can become the chorus of Gods and Goddesses that hold the wisdom The wisdom to not answer the prayers that get sent into our depths The prayers for death The prayers for greed The prayers for power

May we all be wise May we all be present May we all be One

Answering our own prayers Of gratitude and blessings

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