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The Experiment


Follow along:


Within the last several years of healing from devastating childhood trauma and neglect, I have seen a slow but steady clearing of fear and imprisonment. [Read more history here.] The greatest tools I've had in this journey has been an ever-leaning into greater authenticity.

What happens when a person spends an entire year focused on fully embracing their own authenticity, to the greatest extent possible?

When this time is spent with primary focus on authenticity, abundance will follow. I predict that this abundance will seem miraculous or 'magical' in nature, but I aim to prove that the results of this experiment are in response to living in one's own Truth.

I am applying authenticity to every part of my life and will be reporting publicly on how it affects my:

  • My housing and other physical needs

  • My work as a trauma doula

  • My relationships and communities

  • My experience of the present

  • My healing as a traumatized person

  • TikTok
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
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