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A letter to my Child self...

A letter to my past self...

Dear Past-Self,

I hear you, Love. I hear that you’re tired. I hear that you feel like we’ve finally “arrived”, and all you want to do now is just melt into it, leaving everything else behind. I do hear you.

Sweetheart, I know. I know that we’ve been scared for a very long time. We felt old and weary even before crossing into adulthood. And because we were not allowed to form a secure internal bond with Self, we’ve been looking for it in everyone - anyone - else.

Now that we’ve found ease and love and comfort and safety with another, you want to lay down the pain and healing work. I know.

But remember, sweet Love, we would not have been capable of supporting this connection without the firm foundation of love for Self. And we will not be able to sustain it without continuing to invest in our Self.

How about this -

You rest. Keep the Child company; heal with her. Be small. I will be Big. I will take care of this body and the Life it sustains. I will do the un-fun things, keeping us safe and growing. I won’t give up, and I promise not to drop us.

Be small, sweetheart. We’ll learn a new way, together. I love you, and I always will.

With my whole heart, Current-Self

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